The Commission on Culture:

1. Shall promote the encounter between the saving Message of the Gospel and the culture of our times.

2. Shall undertake the appropriate initiatives to promote dialogue between faith and cultures, and to foment intercultural dialogue.

3. Shall oversee the cultural initiatives of the Church in the Philippines in the national, regional and local levels, making these propitious occasions for the dissemination of the pertinent Directives of the Pontifical Council for Culture.

4. Shall enter into dialogue with regional and diocesan centers with the aim of encouraging fruitful exchange about the research, initiatives and cultural accomplishments carried out by local Churches and enabling the whole Church in the Philippines to benefit from them.

5. Shall collaborate with national Catholic organizations of a historical, philosophical, theological, scientific, media, artistic and intellectual value, and to promote reciprocal cooperation.

6. Shall ensure the effective participation of the Philippine Church in national congresses concerned with science, media, culture and education.

7. Shall facilitate Church-culture dialogue at the level of universities and research centers, organizations of artists and specialists, media practitioners, scientists, researchers and scholars, and to promote worthwhile meetings among these cultural groups.

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