The Commission on Health Care:


a) Shall disseminate, promote and defend the teaching of the Church on the subject of health care that includes in a special way, attention to and concern for the handicapped, the sick, the aged and the dying.

b) Shall help in fomenting the awareness and observance of Church doctrine on health care through various means such as liturgical and paraliturgical services, periodic formational celebrations, tri-media interventions, publications, conferences and the like, in order to accordingly influence State policies and legislations.

c) Shall animate and assist Dioceses, Parishes, Schools, Religious Communities, Lay Organizations, health care workers and similar entities, in collaboration with other Commissions in the Conference with a bearing on health care, to bring and communicate the special love of God for those who suffer on account of their handicap, advanced age and/or grave illness.

d) Shall act as liaison with the Pontifical Council for Pastoral Assistance to Health Care Workers, to implement the latter’s instructions and directives, and to comply with more particular tasks reposed on the Commission by the Conference.

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Bp. Patricio A. Buzon, SDB


Bp. Emmanuel C. Trance


Bp. Jacinto A. Jose

Bp. Julius S. Tonel

Bp. Oscar Jaime L. Florencio

Executive Secretary

Rev. Fr. Dan Vicente Cancino Jr, MI

Executive Secretary

Commission on Health Care

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