The Episcopal Commission on Liturgy

a) Shall study liturgical directives from the Congregation of Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, and other concerned agencies of the Apostolic See, making appropriate recommendations to the Conference for their proper observance.

b) Shall assist the Conference in its task of promoting and directing the liturgical life of the Catholic community, animating and protecting it from experimental abuses.

c) Shall ask the Conference such faculties and privileges as may be needed for the development and promotion of the liturgical apostolate.

d) Shall study and prepare, with the assistance of liturgical Experts, correct adaptations of the sacred rites to the Filipino culture and mentality, and oversee needed liturgical experimentations in conformity with the established norms.

e) Shall be the normal channel of the preparation of liturgical rites and prayers in conjunction with national celebrations and similar occasions.

f) Shall establish regular communication with diocesan and regional Liturgical Commissions for purposes of information gathering and dissemination, and animation of the liturgical apostolate.

g) Shall promote liturgical music, arts and architecture, help in the preservation of sacred art and culture from the Cultural Heritage of the Church, and assist in creating sound contemporary liturgical artistic and cultural expressions.

h) Shall establish the necessary subordinate Committees and/or Desks for adequate compliance with its functions.

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Bp. Prudencio P. Andaya, CICM

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Bp. Julito B. Cortes

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