The National Tribunal of Appeals

As the one and only Tribunal of Appeals established by the Supreme Tribunal of the Signatura Apostolica (Prot. No. 15832/83 V.T. 28 May 1984) for all Tribunals of First Instance in the Philippines, the National Appellate Tribunal under the administrative supervision of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines with necessary jurisdictional competence:

1. Shall accept, review, process and decide any and all appealed Cases concerning: 1) Marriage Nullity; 2) Conjugal Separation; 3) Contentious Penal issues.

2.   Shall give due respect to the prerogative of all the Tribunals of First Instance in the Philippines to transmit their appeals directly to the Tribunal of the Roman Rota as a Second Instance Tribunal.

The Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines

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National Tribunal of Appeals

Judicial Vicar:

Abp. Oscar V. Cruz, JCD


Associate Judges:

Bp. Antonio Tobias, JCL

Fr. Reginaldo M. Mananzan, SJ, JCD

Fr. Raul Marino Sagles, JCD


Defender of the Bond:

Fr. Geoffrey Catuiran, JCL

Ms. Alice M. Bote, JCL


Ecclesiastical Notary:  Sr. Ma. Gloria E. Roa, RVM

National Tribunal of Appeals

Address:    3rd Floor CBCP Building

                470 General Luna Street

                Intramuros, Manila


Telefax  : (02) 527-4160

e-mail     :