Section 2: Functions of the Permanent Council


a) It shall act for and in behalf of the Conference when this is not in Plenary Assembly, but only in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution and By-Laws, the standing Policies and Decisions of the said Assembly.

b) It shall also act for and in behalf of the Conference in the event that urgent decisions must be made and it is practically impossible to call a special Plenary Assembly, except on cases mentioned in Canon 455 and on those which involve the exercise of authentic magisterium (cf. M.P. Apostolos Suos, 23). In extreme necessity when a quorum cannot be established, other CBCP Members then available can be called to fill up the number required to constitute the quorum for the Council to hold the meeting and to act for and on behalf of the Conference. Notification of said meeting, however, has to be made as soon as possible to all the members of the Conference indicating the reasons for such action; and any decisions must be confirmed by the Plenary Assembly at its next meeting.

c) It shall direct and moderate the workings and activities of the General Secretariat, the Research, Legal and Media Offices, the Budget and Finance Office.

d) It shall work with the Episcopal Commissions, Permanent Committees, agencies of the Conference, thereto assigning functions of urgent nature which were not deliberated upon during a Plenary Assembly, and which are neither provided for by this Constitution and By-Laws.

e) It shall have the authority to set up small and temporary working Bodies for a particular inquiry or special agenda in a limited sphere of action.

f) It shall prepare the agenda for the Plenary Assembly (cf. Can. 457).

g) It shall examine the Annual Budget prepared by the Budget and Finance Office, and shall submit it to the Plenary Assembly for discussion and approval.

h) It shall prepare the drafts of Official Instructions and/or Declarations, Joint Statements and other official Pronouncements of the Conference on issues or concerns identified and decided upon by the Plenary Assembly, and shall see to it that copies of the said drafts are sent to the Members of the Conference for their observations and/or final approval before their issuance, except on issues and concerns formally defined through the teaching office of Bishops, that shall be exercised jointly in Plenary Assembly. (cf. M.P. Apostolos Suos, 22).

i) It shall see to it that the decisions made, the orders and the instructions given thereto by the Plenary Assembly are duly acted on (cf. Can. 457).


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