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The Prelature of Infanta was established April 25, 1950, the same year that the Diocese of Lucena was created.  Both places belong to Quezon Province, and both were part of the Diocese of Lipa before they were established.  The Diocese of Lucena covers the southern portion of Quezon Province while the Prelature of Infanta covers the northern part including the sub-province of Aurora, the archipelago of Polillo and the island of Jomalig.  These last two localities belong to the sub-province of Aurora.  The Diocese of Lucena and the Prelature of Infanta are suffragans of the Archdiocese of Lipa.

The titular patron of the Prelature of Infanta is the Divine Infant Jesus of Prague, and the secondary sponsor is St. Mark, the Evangelist.  The population covered by the prelature is 256,735 of which 85 per cent are Catholics.

The Prelature of Infanta recently held its Fourth Pastoral Conference.  In this conference its mission statement was updated to new developments and a new consciousness of Church and Society.  This meeting gave birth to a new mission statement (PAHAYAG) which is a new formulation of its vision, mission and goals toward the building of a Church of the Poor.

Voiced strongly in the conference was the need for a Comprehensive Pastoral Plan, for the entire prelature to have a unified strategy in order to implement its mission and goals.  A consensus emerged that this plan must be the fruit of a participatory process.  Thus the structuring of a consultation design is currently in progress.


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